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Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (Exclusive Review)

We were all looking forward to watching Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, the main reason being the cliffhanger at the end of the first part. 

The question why did kattappa kill baahubali stormed the internet and social media after the release of the first part. Everyone was looking forward to finding the answer, and so was I. Thus I decided to go watch the special preview of the movie which was screened on 27 May 2017.

The film opens with a flashback. Who would have thought that the very first frame itself can be disappointing? Even from the very first frame, the lack of passion and effort is evident.  The scene was pretty mediocre for a big budget movie.

The stunt scenes then again were mediocre and lacked energy, effort, and passion. The poor choreography stands out.

In order to appeal to a mass audience, certain comic scenes were included. But the irony is that there is no comedy.  

However, the movie set design is rather beautiful along with costumes which are very well designed and stunning. These are some of the few positive things about the movie.

The movie has no concrete plot or storyline and the plot progresses at a slow pace. The plot is predictable and nothing significant happens.

In the fight scene where Baahubali saves Devaena (Anushka)  is another disappointment. There's no feeling involved, and the poor choreography and mediocre VFX adds nothing but shame to the scene.    

The second half of the movie is as disappointing as the first half. There's no further story development or nail biting moments to savour. Again, the film drags towards the climax, but the stunt sequences of the climax are commendable, and a relief considering the rest of the movie.  

Baahubali makers boasted of a budget in excess of 400 crores, but while watching the movie one cannot fathom how such a mediocrity of a movie can cost so much. It seems more or less like an advertising strategy.

After the movie, it is impossible for not to feel sorry for Prabhas for wasting two years of his career for such a below average movie. Same goes with the people who worked for this movie for about two years. It seems their hard work went down the drain because the movie seems mediocre at its best.

Rajamouli disappointed me with the second part of Baahubali. A second part should have never been made contrary to the popular public opinion.

So it is advisable that viewers should keep their expectations low and approach this movie with either low or zero expectation. There's nothing epic about this movie. For me, it's a below average movie which ruined the grandness of the first part.

Rating: 2/5

Roma hot and Sexy in Sathya/Satya movie

Roma's sexiest avatar in malayalam cinema, she sizzles in Diphan directed movie "Sathya/Satya"

Roma appears in the item song " Chilankakal tolkum" , Roma flaunts her deep big navel in this item number

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Roma hot pics from Satya - Gallery 2

Roma hot pics from Satya - Gallery 3

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Roma hot pics from Satya - Gallery 5

Courtesy: Millenia Audio and other copyright owners

Roma sexy navel show from Sathya movie - Part 2

Roma's sizzling hot pics from hot item dance " Chilankakakkal tholkunna" song from Jayaram movie Sathya directed by Diphan

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