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Not as Sweet as Chocolate - lollipop movie review

lollipop is a fun filled entertainer . Story has no scope in such a movie. the movie justifies its title. its fun for a short time of period. Shafi has packaged the movie in such a way that after watching the movie, you may even forgot the name of the main character of the movie.

The Film is all about Franco, who runs an automobile workshop at Fort Kochi, continuously finding solace in beating up his assistants for no special reason. Franco shares a special bonding with his only sister Jennifer, (Roma) who has lost their parents at very younger stages of their life .And to avoid being left lonely at any further stage of their life; they have even decided to find their match in life, only after mutual approval. Franco gets attracted to RoseBella (bhavana) who happens to be a sworn enemy of Jennifer .Francis(Jayasurya) ,who is a pickpocket joins franco's workship with the help of father kuriakose(Salimkumar). he instanly falls in love with Jennifer. but Jennifer is in love with Dr Aby(Kunchako Boban). the resulting love triangle is the main thread of the movie.

When Shafi, After the huge success of chocolate and Benny, after the megahit Annan thampi joins together, expectations will be sky high. but unfortunately Lollipop fails to raise to the expectations. Although the movie has many good comedy scenes, it fails to impress because of the lack of a good script. Many scenes resembles old movies, even the climax twists and the resulting misunderstandings were seen many times before.

Shafi has done a good job, considering the quality of the script he was provided with. i think the scriptwriter has only concentrated in developing funny scenes, and didnot try to adhere these scenes to the basic plot of the movie, causing the flow of the movie to wander here and there.
All the main characters has got nothing much to perform. Prithviraj, Roma, Bhavana and kunchako performed well. Roma looks cute in her modern costumes, with her hair colured.Kunchako has an extended cameo role only. The one person who should be specially appreciated is Jayasurya, he has done his best .Suraj and Salimkumar has excelled in their roles.

The music department of Lollipop has done a decent job. Although lyrics by vayalar sharath chandra varma is of ordinary quality, music by Alexpaul makes them atleast hummable. All the songs have been Well picturised, eventhough one might feel that the Foreign location song was simply waste of money and will not do the film any good. the greatest shock comes From Azhagappan, the cinematographer of Lollipop. He has stunned the audience with his amateurish light pattern and color transitions. its below average stuff.

Lollipop has comeup with more surprises than any other x'mas releases. The climax of the movie was changed on day one itself, due to bad audience response. to help the ailing distributors, shafi changed the entire structure of the film. Jayasurya who was a ghost in the first version is no longer a ghost in the newer version. Jagathy who listens to jayasurya's narration of his story has simply vanished from the movie. one song in the climax was also removed. and now the film has an abrupt climax.,leaving people wondering what has happened. all these only helps to add more bitterness to the sweet taste of lollipop.

In a Nutshell, if you go with low expectation, u might still like Lollipop for its wits and glitz .and u will defenitely love the freshness provided by the presence of all leading youngsters of current malayalam film.

Malayalam Movie lollipop video songs

Assalaayi Assalaayi - Malayalam Film Lollipop Video song

Kannum chimmi - Malayalam movie Lollipop video song

Jerusalemile Poo pole - Malayalam Cinema lollipop videos song

Malayalam Movie Colours pics

Dileep and roma pairs up again after July 4. Directed by Rajbabu after his debut Chess, Colours will be yet another comedy film from dileep - Rajbabu team.Vinu mohan and bhama are the other leading pairs in the movie.Scripted by VC Ashok , colors will be a army based movie. the shooting of the movie is progressing at a fast pace at Koonnoor, and is expected to complete in one schedule.Aroma mani produces this latest Dileep Flick.

Lollipop - Movie preview

Hitmaker Shafi, fresh from his last years super hits 'Mayavi’ and 'Chocolate' is back, with another movie with a big young cast. Apart from his hit leads of ‘Chocolate' - Prithviraj and Jayasuriya, Shafi is also bringing back the romantic hero 'Kunchakko Boban ' back to tinsel town with this movie tiled 'Lollipop'

The movie has Prithviraj as Franco, who runs an automobile workshop at Fort Kochi. He is a freaky youth who takes all strides to enjoy the life to its fullest. He shares a special bonding with his only sister Jennifer, who are more like friends .Franco and Jennifer have lost their parents at very younger stages of their life, and to avoid being left lonely at any further stage of their life, they have even decided to find their match in life, only after mutual approval .

Kunchakko Boban plays Aby, a junior Doctor of the hospital near Franko's workshop. Jayasuriya is Francis, a mechanic at Franco's workshop. He was an expert in pick pocketing and fraudulent ways, till he met Franco. But now Francis, called as Panchy is a different man with all good maneuvers.

All the party gets spoiled when Franco falls in love with Rosebella (Bhavana). Franco fears that since he couldn't keep his word with his sister, she may object to his relationship. But Franco doesn’t realize that Jennifer is already in similar dilemmas as she got attracted to Dr.Aby. Rajan P Dev plays Rosebella`s dad, Chandikunju, who runs a finance company. Though he is having a worse relationship with Dr. Aby`s dad, who was his former partner, both Rosebella and Aby are thick friends, who never care about their parent's fight.

Knowing Franco's new relationship with Rosebella, Jennifer’s starts hating Rosebella. This affects Franco a lot, who tries all the ways to get the approval from his sister, which leads to a lot of interesting sequences. ‘Lolipop’ is thus a celebration of brotherhood, friendship and love, told in the scripts of hit scriptwriter Benny P Nayarambalam.

Roma plays Jennifar while Bhavana is Rosebella. And the regulars in Shafi films like Salimkumar and Suraj have got brilliant roles in ‘Lolipop’, as well. Salimkumar is Fr. Kuriakose, who is not just a priest but also a lawyer popularly called as ‘Vakkilachan'. Suraj plays Jabbar, a worker in Franco's workshop who is still ailing in the loss of his lover, who got married to his elder brother.

'Lolipop' is produced by A B S combines, the new banner formed by the three big hit names of Mollywood-Producer Anto Joseph, scriptwriter Benny P Nayarambalam, and the director Shafi. And so we can rightly expect that they have saved the best for their debut venture as producers. The movie cinematographed by Azhagappan, will have the music by Alex Paul. The movie will be a big release for this Christmas.

Credits: Indiaglitz

Roma pics From Kaanakazhchakal

Roma is back in the role of an college student. Kaanakazchakal is the latest movie of Roma. In this movie Roma pairs with Nivedyam fame Vinu mohan.Roma portrays the role of an engineering student. Manikuttan, ramesh pisharoty & jagathy are the other leading actors in this film.Sanal directs Kaanakazchakal.this movie is expected to release soon.

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