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Grandmaster is Grand indeed - Review

Mohanlal and Unnikrishnan strikes again after the big success of Madambi.  Lal in this movie is Chandrasekhar, one divorcee lazy Police Officer who is much troubled by his personal life. Lal’s ex-wife, Deepthi is portrayed by Priyamani. Sadly she doesn’t contribute much to this movie. While amidst all these troubles, Lal gets appointed as Head of Metro crime stopper divison and finally gets a chance to make things work. He is assisted by Narain and Jagathy, who remains in Lal’s shadow although the movie. 

The movie is slow moving, yet entertaining. the movie hits to life when Chandrasekhar receives a letter from a criminal named Z who claims to be a fan of him. This Z wants Chandrasekhar back in game and Chandrasekhar is all set for the game.. 

Unnikrishnan, in this film takes a turn for the better. He created this film in a distinctive way with sheer brilliance. The director instead of focusing on dialogues and stunts gave much stress to the investigation and plot. The viewers of Grandmaster don’t have to sit through the verbal diarrhea of the protagonist or his gaudy heroic acts. If meticulously watched, reflections of Agatha christie's famous novel ABC Murders can be found in some parts of the movie.. Shades of sentimentalism can be seen in the movie as well.

The movie has got much positive aspects. The biggest plus point of this movie is that the culprit has a convincing motive and everything is well planned. The purpose of the murder and why the culprit embroiled Chandrasekhar in is rationally justified. The movie doesn’t torture the viewers with unwanted characters. The movie is so brilliantly directed that the director succeeds in making the audience scratch their heads. The skill of the scriptwriter is reflected all throughout the movie, especially in the climax. Deepak Dev has composed two beautiful songs for this movie. Some may feel that the songs are uncalled for, but they’d know the impact of the songs once they’ve finished watching this superb movie. 

Vinod Illampally has wonderfully captured each and every moment wonderfully through his camera. The background music at times seems loud, but it’s fresh. Casting was also done in an exquisite way. They really made use of the talents of these fine actors. Babu Antony’s acting needs special mentioning and the girl who played Lal’s daughter has done a fine job as well. .

After some bad setbacks, Roma strikes back through Grandmaster. Surely this time she won’t disappoint her fans. She looked super cool in the movie. 

Lal excels as a fine police officer onscreen. Lal as always did well as a man in his forties who is much bothered by his personal life.  Although most of his dialogues are simple, Lal with his skilled voice modulation and dialogue delivery creates much impact on the audience. The tremendous effort of the cast and crew has been greatly accoladed by the audience. In short Grandmaster is one great suspense thriller and of course it’s worth a watch! 

Verdict: Go for it!

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