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Chocolate - Hot -'n'- Happening

Pritviraj’s, Shafi directed Chocolate melts in your mouth and is yummy! It is a sweet campus story, laced with comedy, one-liners, romance, peppy music and has a designer look.The role of Shyam, an all rounder and hunk is tailor made for Pritviraj to showcase his skill as the fastest rising star in Malluwood. He has proved that if he is given the right role and script, he can deliver a commercial hit. The star has discovered his comic side and has come out with a riveting performance.

St Mary’s woman’s college in Kochi has refused to turn into a co-educational college as the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) wants it that way. Ann Mathew (Roma), Nandana (Samvrutha) and Annama (Remya Nambisan) are students in the college who call the shots and are opposed to entry of boys to the college. But as per University rules for PG courses, a boy can be given admission, though PTA led by Das ( Rajan .P.Dev) is fiercely opposed to it, as his daughter Nandana is studying there.(her sisters who studied in co-ed colleges ran away with their boyfriends!)

The principal of the college (Sari), using the loop hole in the PG seat, admits her friend and colleague Vanaja teacher’s (Vanitha) son Shyam (Pritviraj) into the college to do his MA (English) course, which creates an uproar! The gang of three, led by Ann Mathew starts ragging Shyam, a guy who has faced 9 suspensions in his academic career and 7 police cases! Shyam’s advisors are his friends the middle aged Papa ( Salim Kumar) and Fashion designer Ranjit (Jaya Surya), who is in love with Nandana. Soon Shyam becomes the college heart throb, and the love-hate
relationship between him and Ann leads to jealousy among the girls
especially Neetu. This leads to further complications and drama.

Shafi’s script is what makes the film work, its minty cool along with the comedy in the first half which is rip-roaring, and the drama within a play in the climax makes it sweet. He has been able to make it a non-stop entertainer with humour, romance and sentiments mixed in the right proposition. Added to that the Alex Paul- Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma teams music like the song Ishtam alle Chollu…, and the chic looking campus have made it rocking.
Pritviraj as Shyam has come out with his most lovable performance, letting his hair down and also proving that he has a gift for comedy and dramatic subtlety, which has remained neglected all these years. Pritvi's petticoat scene is a riot! Roma is strikingly sweet while Samvrutha and Remya are OK. Jayasurya has played second fiddle to Pritvi, while Salim Kumar is once again able to bring the house down with his comic timing.
On the w
hole Chocolate is not only sweet, but hot –‘n’- happening. Go for it and enjoy!

Verdict: Cool

Chocolate - Shafi with another winner

‘I believe in making films that entertain, that suits the festival mood in the fullest sense. I have been trying to make the best of the packaging with all those ingredients that are needed to make my films full-fledged entertainers - songs, dances, humor, sentiments, a bit of action, and drama. That is exactly my recipe for successes’, director Shafi said in an interview a couple of months back.

Living by his words for the nth time, he again delivers another super hit that strictly entertains. His Ramzan flick 'Chocolate' is not a subtle film - It has only a thin line thread, and the script takes many too-predictable turns. Yet despite the lack of surprises, ‘Chocolate’ is indeed a hilarious comedy riot that knocks you over the head with its well directed sequences. With its target audience marked out in precise strokes, the film very well caters to their tastes and appeals without doubt. The plot of Chocolate is set in the background of St Mary’s women’s college, where the P T A is reluctant to go back to days of co education. Every parents in the college have their share of anxiousness on how their wards will behave if their appear male students, in the premises. The Principal Alina John (Shari), a broad minded teacher tries her ways to support the majority of students who likes to have their studies in the company of male counterparts.

Prithviraj is Shyam Balagopal in the film, a tough all-rounder who has been shown the door from a couple of colleges before as he is well versed in everything other than studying and keeping discipline. He is a guy who has faced 9 suspensions in his academic career and 7 police cases. Since their is a clause in university bylaws which permits a male student to secure admissions in the PG's of women colleges, Vanaja, (Vanitha) the mother of Shyam and a lecturer in the college makes a special request to admit his son for a PG course. She surmise that under her direct custodianship and with 3000 odd female students in the campus, Shyam will not engage in more causalities and fisticuffs that he had regularly been to in other colleges. She also thereby, wants him to learn to respect women and view them as intelligent beings.

Shyam is at first reluctant to take admissions, but when forced by his friends and advisers like the middle aged Pappan ( Salim Kumar) and Fashion designer Ranjith (Jaya Surya) about its prospects, he sets his foot into the women' paradise, with the idea to secure an dismissal at the earliest. Although Shyam is quite happy about the state of affairs and overnight celebrity status, he soon finds out his dreams can take a bitter turn as a group of tomboyish students headed by Anna (Roma), Nandana (Samvrutha) and Susan (Ramya), is hell bound to create his life miserable from the day one, even when he is introduced at a meeting .

But Shyam is also politically incorrect as they come. He insults the gang, tells offensive chauvinistic jokes, and generally goes out of his way to offend their leader Anna. In order to survive, he schemes to outshine and outwit Anna, hoping to make her inferior. It’s a usual war that ends in love as always, but things change for the carefree hunk when he falls in love with the more intelligent Anna. As is the case with most first loves, nothing between the two comes easy. And for the ecstasy that comes with a first love, there's bound to be large doses of agony. The film captures those moments of happiness and regret without applying a jaundiced eye with a certain degree of sweetness and charm about it .The highlights of the film is that the female is not treated in traditional misogynistic terms where the usual female lover confess before the hero of her misdoings, and strong messages are given on the illogical norms and prejudices that the elder generations holds when dealing with the problems of the younger lot.

‘Chocolate’ is thus a film that springs from an interesting, original premise but goes very predictable there after. The major minus is that once it's halfway complete, the film doesn’t know what to do with itself stretching to mindless illogical circumstances. But even with all these shortcomings Shafi have done a commendable job to make it appealing to the core.

‘Chocolate’ is more an outlandish and freakish film, in that the screenplay by debutante Sachi -Sethu often jumps out of frames. To mention some are the sequences in which Nandhana looking for shyam even without attempting a mobile call and Renjith teaching the modern gals another ‘Ramanan’ for competitions. But, even as a director in possession of another chance- taking script and nothing much to say than one-liners, Shafi shows his real smart penchant for hit-craft which he applies brilliantly to hold the flick together and present it at a lightning pace towards a jovial finish. It's one of those films, that aren’t as much about the ending, as it is about the journey, which is hilarious, heart-warming and pleasant. And yet the most important point is that the flick tremendously entertains

Even though a campus flick, the film offers a little something for everyone. And the performances wise Roma is top class, acting with ease through out in a role that is Tailor made. But it is Prithviraj who is going to benefit the most from the film. The chemistry works well between Prithviraj and Roma and both seems to be having fun with the material. This is the first one in recent times, which offer Prithviraj in a potential thread and utilise his lighter veins in a demanding role, as we see in his Tamil languages. This is finally the safe launch of the future hero, after a career which saw many ups and downs with nothing much to acknowledge. But in this case, ‘Chocolate’ will definitely be counted as a Prithviraj hit as well.

With amazing supporting performances by Salim Kumar and Jayasuriya, which the director use sensibly to balance the shortcomings of Prithviraj, makes chocolate the must see for filmi goers. The cinematography by Azhagappan, editing by Harihara Puthran and production design is first rate. The music department by Vayalar Sharath- Alex Paul team is not at their best, but managed to create hummable ones like 'Ishtam Ennu Chollu' in the second half.

Even though ‘Chocolate’ doesn't set new standards in film making, it does provide just the right sort of escapist entertainment we've come to expect from films of this genre. Make sure you secure a seat at the earliest to enjoy this hilarious fun, which will definitely make you give a smile that will linger.

Chocolate - An clean entertainer

What would you expect from the director of films like One Man Show, Kalyanaraman, Pulivaal Kalyanam, Thommanum Makkalum and Mayavi? No doubt a full-length, colourful entertainer with an interesting story and ample dosages of humour, songs and well-choreographed dance sequences. Well, that's exactly what Shafi gives you in his sixth and latest offering, which too is on the way to becoming another box office success. Chocolate, true to its name, is a yummy kind of film, one that you'd love to savour to the fullest extent. It's colourful, entertaining and youthful to the core. The film tells the story of things that happen when a male student gets admitted to a Women's college where more than three thousand girls study, some of whom are dead against a male entering their preserve.

Prominent among these are Anne, Nandana and Susan, who to a very great extent, rule the campus. But the principal, who was always in favour of making it into a co-ed college, decides to give admission to Shyam Balagopal, the son of one of the lecturers there, and a spoilt brat if there ever was one. Not willing to take this lying down, Anne, Nandana and Susan, decide to make the going hard for Shyam. But Shyam is not what they had anticipated him to be. He had created problems wherever he had studied earlier and hence had never lasted long in any institution. He wasn't bothered whether he would last long in this one either, although there were many like Pappan (who ran the cyber café) and his friend Riyaz among others who had much fancied being out and about in this all-women's college.

With Shyam's admission, these guys begin to feel that they too would get a chance to make their dreams come true.There is another person who approaches Shyam with a different kind of request. He is Renjith, a young fashion designer, who wants to make Nandana his model (his real motive is something else!). He wants Shyam to help him in getting Nandana to agree to model and walk the ramp for him. All these combine to create the build up towards a very exciting and emotion-packed climax.Prithviraj as Shyam is excellent. The way he plays the character, the timing that he displays in the comedy scenes, the energy that he breathes into the role make him endearing. Roma has done an excellent job as Anne, while Samvritha Sunil is good as Nandana. Jayasurya as Renjith is perfect, while Remya Nambeeshan is OK as Susan. Shaari as the principal, Laloo Aalex as Anne's father, Rajan P. Dev as Nandana's father, Salim Kumar as Pappan, Anoop Chandran as Riyaz, Bindu Panicker as Maria (who runs the college canteen) etc have all done full justice to their respective roles.

The songs have been choreographed well, in true Shafi style and sync perfectly with the theme and the mood. "Kalkanda Malaye..." and "Ishtamalle..." are good ones. Technical aspects are excellent. Debutantes Sachi and Sethu, who penned the story and the script, deserve to be appreciated for having come up with so exciting an entertaining a subject. Bravo Shafi, Sachi, Sethu, Prithviraj, Roma and everyone else!

Verdict: Chocolate is a clean entertainer, a perfect film for a festive season! Go and watch it with your family!

Chocolate creates magic

Shafi's Chocolate tells the story of a boy, who comes to study in a women's college. Prithviraj plays the lead Shyam Balagopal and Roma is the heroine Ann mathew. The movie starts with the PTA meeting happening in the St.Mary's women's college (Secret Heart College, Thevara) to make it a mixed one. Due to the parents' offence, they turns down the decision but allots one boy as per the rule for the PG course. The main gang of Roma, Samvritha and Ramya are against the arrival of a boy where the opposite gang welcomes it. He arrives in and there starts the feast of a complete romantic comedy entertainer.Prithviraj excels as Shyam, and the first day class room scene is enough to prove his comedy talents.

After Classmates, Keralites get the chance to see some nice romance on the screen. Prithviraj and Roma carries good on-screen chemistry and it is handled with care. Among the crew, the new writers Sachi and Sethu deserves the first applause for the gripping script. But the second half could have been made even better (some scenes are predictable and fight scene could have been avoided). The climax scene is innovative and it suits the film's mood. Salim Kumar also contributes to the comedy part and Jayasurya is good in the supporting role.With Chocolate, Shafi proves that he can also make visually appealing movie if there is a good script with him. The costume designer and the art director deserves a special mention for making the film really colourful. Alex Paul's music is a let down, but the romantic melody "Ishtamalle..." is really hummable and is shot well. The film is sure to get many repeated viewers and is going to become the megahit of the year.

Rates 7/10.

Chocolate--Young guns got a megahit to their credit

In one word Chocolate is sweet....Sweet as it gets.....Its simply awsome....Superb direction,superb script,superb comedy,superb performance and it keeps on going....Another well crafted entertainer from Shafi after Maayavi....... The film triggers off with the womens college in the background.....A college some where in Cochin with around 3000 beauties studying....The film kicks off with the arrival of Shyam...Prithviraj suits well to the role..Roma,Samvritha and Remya who are the terrors of the college turns against him.....The rest is about how they tackle each other,their friendship and all........By that time Jayasurya also creeps in trying his luck eyeing samvritha.......The film takes us through many heaps and turns.....At last when its over everyone had a smile on their face...... All the artists performed well including the lead pairs,Prithvi & Roma,Jayasurya & samvritha,Remya,Salim Kumar,Anoop,Lalu Alex etc.....SalimKumar is extremely hilarious......And the situation comedies are also well targeted.......The film is technically well sound...Songs are soft but pacy....Alexpaul Sharathchandran team strikes again.......The stunt sequences of Prithviraj are well taken..... All and all Chocolate is by far the best entertainer in recent malayalam....The word of mouth is very good and its simply the Ramzan winner for sure......

VERDICT:-Ramzan Megahit!!

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