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Minnaminnikoottam Review

Malayalam film directors seem to be experimenting on how to make an movie without a story.Kamal's latest youngsters flick Minnaminnikoottam is an perfect example for this.This multistar movie has been scripted by kamal itself. Every movie goer will have huge expectation about this movie,coz of the great success of kamals previous youngster movies.Minnaminnikoottam is full of colours, but has little substance.It is not a funfilled entertainer as one would have expected.Kamal tries to tell about the friendship and love of a group of IT professionals, but unfortunately has not succeeded to the full extent.The story hangs around a group of 6 friends. Narein plays the character of a light hearted person named Abhi.Meera,who acts opposite Narien plays the role of the female protoganist named Charulatha.Roma as Rose mary is opposite Manikunju,played by Jayasurya.Samvrutha andIndrajith plays the role of a married couple in this movie. Radhika and anoop chandran makes up the rest of the friends gang.

The Film starts with an intro scene of Charulatha, a software professional in Singapore getting an wedding invitation email from her old freind Kalyani( Radhika).But Charulatha is in dilemma wether to reply to her invitation or not.Then the film goes into flashback.. Abhi & charulatha are good friends working in the same company, but every now & then some issue will pop up & creates a quarrel between them.. Rose mary, Manikunju, samvrutha & indrajith always solve their silly quarrels..abhi wante meera to meet his parents, so that he can get approval for his marriage with Charulatha, but charulatha always opposes this,coz she dont want to be judged & given marks like a reality show contestant.abhi's father adds oil to fire by harassing meera's father.This leads to the break up of charu & abhi & charu flies out of India.will they reunite again ? to know that, u have to watch the movie...

kamal loses his focus here & there not concentrating on the main plot.Kamal should definitely hire a scriptwriter for his next movie, as he is not fit for the job .The director does justice to the name of the film " Minnaminnikootam" by mixing some excellent scenes with very ordinary scenes.. Is comedy an requisite for an Succesful film ? anyway kamal thinks so, which resulted in some misfired jokes..but manikunju comes to the rescue with some funny oneliners and gets claps for almost all .the first half of the film is very lengthy, extending to almost 1.30 hrs.kamal has tried to mix so many things in the first half of the movie itself,dont think that the second half is different. He has mixed scentiments, comedy and romance, but not in the right proportions.Editor has still plenty of work to do,it is evident due to the lack of flow & pace of the movie. The movie has an sentimental side track revealing the father - daughter relationship of charulatha & her father. Kamal narrates this part of the story well, but youngsters audience will not have much to cheer..Meera as Charulatha has done a decent job, but Narien as abhi delivered a mediocre performance.In the mean time Rosemary - Manikunju combination scores well with a good on screen chemistry and gets all the appreciation of the crowd..Thier roles have been tailor made for them.Roma as Rosemary does full justice to her role..Indrajith & samvutha has nothing much to do..

Music department gets full mark.Bijipal has proved his potential with some peppy & youthful music.Anil panachooran as lyricist again shows that good lyrics make songs more beautiful.all the songs have been beautifully choreographed and well directed.Atleast Kamal has not lost his Magic touch in this arena.Manoj Pillai's excellent photography will definitely attract many people to the theatres.One the whole Minnaminnikootam is a beautifuly wrappered candy, but u might not like its flavour.if u are bored of mass masala entertainers & superstar movies, u would not be disappointed after an outing to watch Minnaminnis on the big screen..

Rating 2.5/5

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